Causes of Obesity

Let’s go back to centuries ago where body weight was not important. Let’s think about the first human. Those periods that we lived by hunting, escaping to be a hunt, hiding, fighting; those ages in which humans did not care for their waist measurement… Our ancestors consumed various proteins, minerals and vitamins in natural food. Thus, they did not have any obesity or excess weight problem. Actually, they did not know that they were dieting or doing sports which are linked with a healthy life in today’s world. But in the recent years, we have realised that new life conditions have led us to see being the terms like overweight, various chronical diseases, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, diet, sport etc. more frequently. Excess fat, waist measurement, permanent weight, aesthetic concerns that are caused by these turn into a balls-up that needs to be treated.

As the living conditions changed, our eating habits are changing; over the long run, overweighed and unhappy individuals around the world continue their unhealthy life. What s obesity really? Why it is accepted as a disease that needs to be treated?

Association conditions such as increasing incorrect eating habits with busy work tempo, excessive greasy food consumption, artificial food with additives, immobile life, increased fat tissue due to various medication and treatment applications, insulin resistance in obese people have led this diseases to become a common problem. As the long-term treatment cost for obesity or associated diabetes risk and high cost for healthy living increased, such increasing costs have led institutions such as the World Health Organisation to make decisions to prevent obesity.

Question about treatment and new treatment approach that prevent obesity started to be introduced. Now, obesity is considered a disease on its own. Obesity is an important public health problem have set sectors in obesity treatment into motion and these companies have turned into million-dollar companies. How is obesity treated, how is the treatment applied question has become one of the most profitable questions? General surgical and surgical treatment approaches, robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery technologies have pushed all fields to research not only in cholecystostomy but in a weight loss of obese individuals with high body mass index.