Opınıons of Our Treated Patıents!

I have a serious stomach ailment, I was tired of everything. Until I met the man from the essence, a magnificent doctor in one word brought me back to life, thank you very much, he became our family doctor.

Ercüment Mert

My gastric hernia and reflux surgery, which I have had for about a year and which has halved my living standards, has been successful thanks to Dr. Özden Avcı. I would like to express my endless thanks to him and his team.

Gürkan Dömbekçioğlu

Thanks to Dr. Ozden AVCI and his entire team. I was having a reflux nightmare and I haven't found a solution for 10 years. The operation has been 1 month and my nightmares are over. Thanks to Ozden, my quality of life has improved, I have recovered my health. I recommend it to everyone because of his success and intense interest.

Nazifer Akkaya Boybeyi

His success in his work is undisputed and we would like to thank our esteemed doctor, our brother Ozden Avci, who is patient, caring, calm, positive, smiling .... and who has many features that we cannot count more ... We wish you a life full of health and happiness with your loved ones ... Berna & Fatih

Berna Aydınlı

OZDEN HOCAM has undertaken a surgery that most doctors do not accept immediately and require effort and thanks to it, I am getting better every day. I thank him very much. Rather than that standard doctor dream in your mind, a truly excellent person who treats all his patients as equals and friends, like one of our family ... he got used to the body, nobody but you can cut me, my teacher: D

Yücel Okyay

First of all, I am very grateful to your family for raising a son like you, and I respectfully open the hands of the professors who trained you so that you can do the job that you have done.

Helin Koyun

Our dear doctor who has achieved a definitive result with a difficult but very successful operation for my mother's stomach hernia problem, which has been operated 2 times and did not reach a result. She has repeatedly performed endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures on my mother in a very comfortable and trouble-free manner. You can definitely put yourself in Ozden's hands for these 2 procedures and all your surgical needs that everyone is afraid of. Thanks again and again ....

Pınar Bayburt

First of all, his being full of love, providing a helpful solution, and God bless you are the people of his successful work. May Allah be pleased with him. He performed the surgery on my son in 2004. It caused the establishment of my son. It was a very difficult operation, I trusted him and he succeeded. I send him the sincere prayers of a mother, and I always wish him continued success. with greetings and prayers.

Saime Güler

First of all, thanks to him and his team. At the most confused moment, the place of my professor is different for me and will remain different because he gives me confidence with his confident attitudes and restores my health with a successful operation. May God not let your hands burn THANK YOU .. Mr. OZDEN ...

Fatih Özsakallı

As general surgery, the best of the doctors I have known so far operated on all of my relatives, especially myself, and we are all grateful, thank you again to our esteemed professor.

Hacer Doldur

Give yourself first to Allah and then to Ozden Brain in your reliable hands 🙂 I would like to thank Ozden professor and all the smiling staff of the healing hospital, who saved me from my reflux complaints for 2 years.

Merve Emir

I wanted to convey my endless thanks to you after the reflux surgery I had undergone, as if I was born again, be entrusted to God.

Melek Yalçın

About 1 year ago, I had reflux surgery performed by Özden brain. There is no trace of my reflux disease that is forcing my life standards. Özden is an extremely warm, tolerant physician who is an expert in his field. I extend my gratitude and respect to him and his colleagues. Yours ...

Neşe Çelik

We had a very difficult process and thank God we got through. In this process, it is good for us many times to determine our road map with a valuable teacher like you and to make a very good journey and come to the end of the road! Good that! Your professional success, your friendly approach, the trust you give, the empathy you have established with the relatives of the patients, the luxury of reaching you 7-24, the belief that you are with you, have made us very, very happy, seriously relaxed and finally made us smile. Thank you very, very much to all the staff of Pendik Şifa Hospital ... I am very glad to know you, my teacher, I am glad you are there and always be there, always be happy with your family and loved ones and always make your patients happy as we do. May your success always be, teacher ...

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