Medical Nutritional Support

The main goal of diet therapy is to reduce the amount of caloric intake. This diet therapy process should be designed under the guidance of a dietitian and physician, because factors such as the metabolic rate, lifestyle, and eating habits vary from person to person. Due to these factors, medical nutrition therapy is of great importance in the treatment of obesity.

In medical nutrition treatment, the table created with intent to reduce the amount of caloric intake of an individual includes predominantly vegetable foods and is also supplemented with low-fat foods. Thus, the person is also given the habit of proper nutrition during the treatment process. With this treatment, it is aimed at reducing the ratio of body weight and height to the appropriate level. These goals set at the initial stage can be the ideal weight, as well as slightly above it. When the target weight is reached in the treatment, it is very important to prevent regaining weight and to ensure maintaining the lost weight.

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