Exercise Therapy

In obesity, limited physical activity or lack of movement can be defined as a cause and effect. In addition, although the effect of exercise therapy on weight loss is disputable, increasing mobility and performing physical activities at regular intervals are observed to reduce the excess adipose tissue in the abdominal area. When applied with diet, it prevents loss of muscle mass. For this reason, medical nutrition therapy is given in conjunction with exercise therapy to prevent regaining weight.

It is recommended that an adult should do moderate-intensity exercise for 30 minutes every day to ensure the daily energy consumption (200 kcal). In addition, in the conditions involving obesity, it is aimed to ensure that individuals do physical activity every day and be active throughout the day. Energy consumption may differ depending on the weight and activity intensity of the individual. The most important point to consider when performing this treatment procedure is to keep the risk of injury low while increasing the energy consumption,. It is necessary to take care that the exercises are suitable and applicable to the person.

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